No matter in which part of the world you live, you for sure have watched America’s favorite animated classic show series called Simpsons, the adventures of Homer Simpson and family in a fictional town of *Springfield. So what you do if you get a chance to rebuild that same, Simpsons epic and old town of Springfield. You are excited! Don’t you? If you want to do all this fun, play this game called, Simpsons: Tapped Out- construct houses, shops and buildings and much more you feel must have for your new Springfield town. This is a freemium (free-premium) game, developed by EA mobile and Fox Digital entertainment for IOS/Android platform.

Gameplay: Homer Simpson while playing an elf game on his mypad at work remain engrossed, which causes a melt down in the nuclear power plant, which ravages the whole Springfield town. Homer left alone, now he have to rebuild the town again, with your help. The sole purpose of the game is to help Homer in constructing and managing a new town, bring back town people and scout out his family- Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Bart. But for this, you will need a money and donuts. Here is a tip, how you can get them over Click Here tool, but i’m not sure if it’s working.When the game begins you become the controller of Homer and whatever the characters available. You give instructions to rebuild the town, places houses, adorn surroundings by landscaping items like rivers, trees, crossings, roads and statues. But it is not that easy, to do all this you need characters, money and time. You get characters along with buildings and find lost family member after every level up. You get a level up by doing tasks, quests and assignments. For this you send your characters to perform tasks, you can see some tasks live during completion which is wonderful, then there are some tasks which your characters perform offline. When your tasks completed by any of your character you receives money, the buildings and shops you erect also engenders a lot of money as a revenue, which you can use for the development of town. Many assignments and tasks take a lot of time and money to be completed and if you don’t have time or money, you can spend real money to buy donuts (*donut is a premium currency of the game); donuts when used, expedites the tasks and assignments you do.

Game Modes: Play it single player to entertain yourself, the game is awesome whether you are a Simpson fan or not. You can also play multiplayer, but for it you need to have an origin account of game’s developer EA. By playing multiplayer you are allowed to invite your friends to visit your town or you can visit theirs, which is interesting.

Why you should play Simpsons: Tapped Out:
1. First of all it is developed by EA mobiles, EA games are leading game developers and there is always something you can find in their every game that interest you.
2. There are many city building and managing games across the Internet but this is different, because it is about Simpsons.
3. The gameplay is intriguing, interface is simple and the colors are vivid, that it charms your eyes.
4. Gameplay frequently updated by developers and what’s amazing is, the voices are similar to the original show.

Conclusion: It is one of the best city building games available right now and the best thing is, the game seems successful to evoke your memories of the classic Simpson Show.