If you are an avid fan of the Dream Works film, “How to Train Your Dragon”, you’ll love this 3D MMO game that exhibits high quality, vivid graphics.  Not only is this game fun, but it’s educational.  Game-play teaches players hands-on experiences working with the Periodic Table of Elements to create unique compounds and create your own enhancers utilizing elements from specific elemental groups such as halogens, metals, and the noble gases as well as by adding different plants and herbs.


School of Dragons offers seamless syncing from online browser or Facebook game-play to game-play on your mobile device(s) if you choose to play this role-playing, educational game on more than one platform.  School of Dragons supports Android, and Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone 4 and above, the iPad 2, 3, 4, the iPad mini, the iPad Air and the iPad mini air.

Further, the game can be played on any desktop computer, net-book, or laptop where you can run Facebook apps on any system that supports it through any browser that offers support for the game so not only can you play from home, but you can play on the go!  Players can log in to the game from any platform they choose and experience a seamless experience of continuing where they left off!  Note that an internet connection is necessary to perform game-play on any device.


After you have completed signing up for this free game app, you will need to create a 3D fantasy Viking character for role-play.  You can change their facial features and build a custom head on the character and dress them in a variety of clothing provided for you from which you can choose.  You will then also be asked to choose a gender for your character.  Though the game is free to download and play, more customizations are available to purchase if you wish to do so, but there are cheats and hacks online that can facilitate this feature for you for free!

Quests in the game are completed by tapping on and speaking with various colorful characters that will help you locate items necessary to complete quests.  The voices of the characters are authentic to the movie actors who portray them!  Once you locate a dragon, a tutorial will instruct you on how to fly your dragon. When you have completed the tutorial, new challenges are provided for you to complete with increasing difficulty as you move through them.


Supplementary game activities include a farm game, potion creation through mixing different elements, and fishing for food to assist your dragons with growth.  In excess of sixty levels are present in this game that provides hours of excitement, education, and entertainment. You can invite friends to game-play along with you and you can connect with them on Facebook via the game app and you can even add your buddies to your clan if you so desire!  This game offers fun to be had by kids, teens, and adults alike! You can find an interesting tool here – school of dragons hack – http://www.bigeasyphones.com/school-of-dragons-hack/