Shadow Fight 2 special tool  is one of the latest launches from the people over at Nekki. Known for their previous games such as Gladiators and Vector, their recent release of Shadow Fight 2 Hack for Android mobile devices does not disappoint. Aside from the intensely well animated opening sequence that introduces you to the basic story line and the well thought out musical arrangement the true strength of this mobile game comes from its unique game mechanics.


Shadow Fight 2 Hack about

Unlike many games of its type Shadow Fight 2 Hack has found a fresh new way to execute combos. It will also test your hand-eye coordination. Players of the game will find themselves thinking in entirely different ways than they are used to with a traditional fighting game. The incredible number of combinations that can be done in Shadow Fight 2 Hack make it’s wonderfull.  Experience every time you battle, forcing the player to constantly revise and review their strategies. And it’s valid for every new fight. This all creates a unique fighting experience with every round. It’s extremely usefull from  pausing to fake out the enemy as integral a part of your fighting strategy as getting up close and personal with a flurry of well timed punches and kicks.

Shadow Fight Hack 2 enemy AI is fairly adaptive and will even change strategies mid-fight in response to depleted health and the desperation of the situation. The player will often find themselves cursing certain stages in frustration like in the days of the video arcade, as much in happiness as in anger. For those of you who are old school gamers, it brings a nice hint of the old days of gaming where you really had to work for your accomplishments and felt that much more elation at the completion of a task.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack is total cool tool. Along with everything else, the game also has a general level up system for the titular character, as well as for the armor and weapons that can be purchased in the blacksmith section of the game. With weapons running the gamut from long, deadly katanas to down and dirty spiked brass knuckles, your weapon choice also has a great effect on the strategies the player can come up with and execute throughout the game. Round everything off with an in app purchasing system for people with busy schedules and you have the cherry on top.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack for the Android platform provides an interesting and very engaging fighting system. Game play experience that everyone can get into from old school veterans of the gaming world to newcomers to the field. Nekki did a superb job in thinking a little outside the box in their creation of this highly addictive mobile game. This is a game development company that everyone should definitely have tfinger crossed.  I hope their further projects in the mobile marketplace will be in same quality.  And i think they will continue to choose such quality development in the future.