Avataria is a vibrant virtual world where almost everything is possible. There are no distinct plot lines; instead, the players are allowed to determine their own destiny. In this virtual world, the players have the option of becoming anything, or visiting any place of choice.

Game Play

When a participant first logs in to this game on facebook, he/she is allowed to pick on any gender (male or female), along with suitable pieces of clothing. However, the player’s real character is fully developed after playing for a while and accomplishing several tasks.

Each participant is given directions by a character that appears quite friendly. This friend is responsible for explaining the basic rules of the game and giving other general guidelines. There are quests which give every player some form of currency (silver or gold coins) that can be spent in the system.

Each participant is also provided with a house, and is expected to furnish and decorate it to suit his/her individual tastes. The quests play a significant role in Avataria, while the rewards help to keep the players going steadily.

Even after acquiring a house and setting up a wardrobe, the player is still expected to accomplish other tasks. Consistently accomplishing them will ensure that a player earns a consistent flow of money, which can then be used to buy clothes and other items needed.


Exploring the Avataria World

The players are all allowed to freely explore the expansive Avataria world. This exploration can be through; going for shopping, meeting new characters in social functions, playing internal games or doing simple jobs to earn more ‘money’. The shops are open all the time, while the shopping can be done by simply clicking on a specific shopping bag. The menus on this platform are quite easy to use, making it convenient to find the things needed.

After building a personal brand, a player is free to visit various places of interest, including parks, beauty salons and other hang out joints. The player can also chat with other ‘people’, make new friends, host visitors or also pay visits to friends in their respective houses.


If a player realizes that he/she is running out of money, he/she has the option of doing certain jobs to boost their income. However, working consumes a lot of time. If the player is not broke, this time can be spent playing interesting games.

Refilling Energy

To carry out these activities, the player spends some energy, represented in the form of a bar at the top of the screen. This energy can be filled from a source, or obtained from friends. The player can also share his/her energy with others. Most of this energy is spent while doing jobs or playing games, but not on activities such as shopping or visiting friends.

Events Calendar and Customization Options

This platform also features an events calendar, a unique feature that can be used to post notices by players who are, for instance, hosting special events such as parties or weddings. The events calendar provides opportunities of meeting new people and visiting different places.

This gaming platform provides a range of customization options, for instance; changing one’s appearance, changing clothes, changing hair styles and colors of the eyes, among others. All these can be achieved by making use of the menu appearing at the bottom.

Generally, Avataria is a great game, with a wide range of activities that can be undertaken.


Avataria Controls

This game can be played by simply clicking the computer mouse to achieve the desired results. The menus are quite easy to read and use. Initially, the game moves quite slowly, but after completing some tasks, the pace improves, enabling a player to progressively learn and enjoy the game.

Currencies on Avataria

There are two major types of currencies available for use in this game; silver and gold coins. Silver coins are earned by playing games, working or by interacting with other characters, while the gold coins can only be purchased using ‘real money.’  Or you may use so called Avataria hack.

Avataria Community

Avataria hosts a huge virtual community, composed of players from different parts of the world, who join and becoming characters in there. There are numerous opportunities of meeting new people and making new virtual friends. It’s possible to determine whether or not a particular friend is available online. There is a community page available on facebook platform, and this provides a lot of valuable information to people who are interested in this game.


Graphics and Sound

The Avataria world is presented in an impressive, 3D platform, with beautiful graphics and characters moving around in fluid motion. There are also a wide range of options which can be used in personalizing this game.

While playing the game, the player can listen to beautiful background music, which changes as the player moves from one place to another. Players can communicate with each other using an online text messaging platform.