So guys, I hope there have been enough time for you to finish the Episode 1 and after waiting 4 months, we have here Episode 2. Is it as good as the Episode 1? And why it took Telltale games 4 months? Well, because it is classic for them to start more than they can finish. Remember 2011 and King’s Quest series restart. What happened back then? Almost the same.


But back to the game. Did you like the Episode 1? In that case I do not have good news. And be aware of spoiler alert. First of all the Episode 2 is shorter than Episode 1, unfortunately it was cut almost to the half of the length of Episode 1 and I suspect is that the reason is that Telltale games just have too many projects running and they cannot focus to make it the best. Another thing is that I loved that my decisions in the game were actually making the difference between the dead and live and it really affected the whole story. Also my decisions affected the characters in the game. Not here. The decisions you made are just cosmetics and they not affect the storyline at all, just the perception of your character by other characters. And this is the bad thing, very bad.

The whole storyline is very linear and they are missing puzzles. Just it is not that classic adventure we love. In the Episode 1 there were a sign of small puzzles, not in here. My feelings about this games are that it is just a modern interactive movie and not the adventure game from old school. In any case you can read more positive review here. I just don’t feel it like it, but want to share with you also second opinion.

In any case except the short playtime, missing puzzles, cosmetic decisions, it is good game, just not as good as Episode 1. So in any case try it and play it. Hopefully the voice of fans will be heard and continue of the game will be the perfect successor of the Episode 1. It is good game, but nothing more.