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Job duties: 1. To complete the storage of goods around the warehouse statistical setting, and according to the warehouse pattern changes in the goods storage capacity change update; 2. To the warehouse operation of the highest capacity to make statistics, and according to the process change update; 3. The amount of goods every day Treasury and outbound quantity statistics, and purchasing department and provide prediction is compared, and form the statement;

4. According to provide the workload of purchasing department and warehouse operation link forecast the real-time capacity and personnel for comparison,

5. For forecasting ability than warehouse operation timely warning, and urged relevant departments to provide a solution;

6. More than a week of work done work statement;

For requirements: 1. The college or above, below 35 years old;

2 years or above of warehouse management related work experience (department stores, books, clothes, consumer electronics);

3. Has the warehouse planning working experience is preferred;

4. Use the office software skilled, the data made statements, data analysis ability;

5. Have good teamwork spirit and good communication skills;

6. The good professional spirit and diligent spirit;

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