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Transforming the old burner into biomass fuel burner. Take 1T evaporation for exampleit costs about 60,000 Yuan for whole set equipment
30,000 Yuan for license
20,000~30,000 Yuan for transformation
20,000~30,000 Yuan for warehousing
About 150,000 Yuan for operation
Value calculation2 months for getting the principal back
ConclusionWe live in such a period that cost keeps raising while profit keeps declining. Howeverthis enterprise can gain profit of 900,000 Yuan per year through transformation. And what about you
 If you use boiler of 2T evaporation or more instead of 1Tyou are wasting money, nothing more. However, if you transform your equipment, you are just making profit.
Transformation of oil fired boiler and management of energy
Collecting customer’s daily consumption of waterelectricityfuel and labor and calculate the cost
Making plan for reformation, renovation, recycling according to client information
Checking and verifying vestment and assessing detailed rules of project
Entering into a treaty of reformation and a contract custody of energy management
Taking over boiler equipment and carrying out plans including recordingtransformation and acceptance
Project into operation
Value calculation and profit division
Main parts before transformationOil fired burner+ boiler body+ chimney
Main parts after transformationBiomass burner+ boiler body+ withdrawer+ dust collector+ draught fan+ chimney+ condensation collector
Heating efficiency88% before transformation,≥90% after transformation
Condensation recycling of transformation
Recollecting condensate water and tail gas generated by steam then recycling 85%~90% of its heatingwhich can reduce the consumption of fuel and water and save cost for enterprise.
Take 1Tevaporation boiler for example the temperature can be raised140-20=120per hour*0.9*1000=108000KacL/h; 108000KacL/600000KacL*100%=18%
Cost saving
Fuel 75KG*0.18*5.00/KG≈67.50/小时;waater 1T*2.86/TIncluding Waterborne fee*0.85≈2.5Yuan/Hour
10 hours per day:(67.5+2.5)*10=700.00元;
  21 days per month: 700.00/*21=14700.00元;
  Amount per year: 14700.00*12=176400元;
Condensation recycling of boiler transformation
Recycling the wasted steam and condensation with the unique equipmentfor 1Tevaporationboilerthe budget cost of one whole set equipment is about 160,000 Yuan
30,000~40,000 Yuan for transformation project
200,000 Yuan for operation (belonging to vestment of fixed assets)
Value calculation: about 1 year to recover vestment cost
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