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Product name: LSS series Steam Boiler
Number: N201266132617
time: 2013-4-2
Traffic: 1681
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LSS series Steam Boiler

Technical features:

This products is adopted by pipe mechanism, small size mobility, high safety standard, easy construction, easy maintenance, fully automatic, easy operation, fast start up ( within 7 minutes can reach the pressure ), energy saving.  The unique design of squama and advanced burner which offer the heat conduction completely. The smoke vomit is to the National standard. With the advanced skill, and mature technology which make the heat conduction efficiency upto 92% more. The noise is less than 80db. Unique separator which produce the best quality of steam. 

Product Quality:

With advanced material, and high technology welding machinery for all welding process of boiler production upon the X ray detection. The whole process is followed by National Standard, ensure the users safety and efficiency.

Product Safety:

1.      Water Level Detection device: Once the water is in shortage, the water level will feed the information to program, which cut the electricity of burner and alarm.

2.      Pressure Detection Device: Once the pressure is to the limit, the pressure detection device will feed the information to program, which cut the electricity to stop pressure increasing and alarm.

3.      Overload of Steam pressure safety device: If the boiler steam pressure is over the limit, the safety valve will trigger and release the steam to ensure the boiler working properly.

4.      Safety Condition: The low level water container theory ensures the boilers safety.

5.      Temperature Safety Device: Once the temperature of boiler is over the limit, the boiler will be stop automatically.


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