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Product name: Biomass Pellet Fuel
Number: N201266131118
time: 2013-3-22
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biomass pellet  fuel
 1..The biomass energy is one of the solar energy with low produce cost , low freight cost, low resource consumption ,without defect and without pollution .
2.Reproducible character.
The biomass energy is reproducible energy produced by photosynthesis of plan. It is one of the reproducible energy among wind energy , solar energy and other reproducible energy. There are also abound resources for biomass energy to assure the long and forever use.
3.Low pollution character
The biomass has lower content of sulphur , nitrogen and there are few sulfur dioxide (SO2)and nitric oxide(NOX)produced when burning. The carbon dioxide discharge for biomass burning is nearly to zero because the quantity of carbon dioxide absorbed by the plan for growing is the same as the that produced when biomass is burning .The biomass heat value is around ≥4000. If it burns 10000 ton biomass for one year, it is at least reduce the discharge of 16,100t carbon Dioxide ,150t smoke, 150t of sulfur dioxide and  sulfur dioxide .All the characteristic for biomass can meet the need of Global Energy Saving ,Low Carbon Discharge and it also helps to reduce greenhouse effect .
4.The original of our biomass material
The biomass particle fuel we produced is made of wood , remained branch , saw dust ,and other remain produced in the forestry production , wood transportation and industrial processing. It was made by press on the theory that biomass fuel include cellulose, hemi-cellulose , lignin, etc.
Our biomass grain strictly meet the biomass grain assorting criterion of Sweden and European Union, the characteristic of particle are :the diameter of biomass pellet is 6~8mm, the length is four or five times longer than the diameter, percentage of damage is lower 1.5%~2.0%,moisture content of dry basis is lower 10%~15%,ash content is lower than 1.5%, sulfur content and chlorinity is lower 1.5%,sulfur content and chlorinity are both lower 0.07%, nitrogen content is lower 0.5 %, the heat value ≥16.9 MJ;
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