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Product name: BIOMASS BURNER
Number: N201266133613
time: 2013-4-2
Traffic: 2232
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1..Efficient Biomass energy saving: the biomass burner is  low in cost use with renewable biomass fuel, cut down 30-60% running cost on burning oil or gas.
2.High heating efficiency: biomass burner is design for steaming half-gasify biomass burning and spiral-flow type, biomass is on subsection burning on low temperature. The biomass burning rate reach above 92%..
3.Steady running.: Biomass burner is on pressure running without backfire .
4.Low-carbon environmental protection: The biomass burner is with low discharge for soot, nitrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, which can reach the discharge requirement of GB13271 standard.
5.Easy handling : The biomass burner can supply fuel and light fired automatically, small amount of maintenance.
6.Broad scope: This biomass burner can be applied to boiler, die casting machines, industry kiln , drying equipment, drying plant, and other reform for energy saving heating equipment.
Application scope:
This biomass boiler are widely used in boiler , die casting machines, industry kiln ,, kitchen fittings, drying equipment ,drying plant and other heating equipment.
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